Executing for Results

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Executing for Results

Bob Prosen author of Kiss Theory Good Bye, a number one best seller on Amazon stopped in the Okanagan recently to share his views with the region’s business leaders on how working your plan will achieve a better return on your bottom line. Prosen walked through a nine step plan he developed while overseeing such companies as Hitachi, Sabre and NCR which included identifying your business objectives right through to execution and tracking. Key in the message is, the people you surround yourself with determine your success and no doubt impact profit. Enabling your reports to succeed involves accountability and removing any barriers to success. Employees that haven’t reached success need to be asked when they will and those that already have, need to be asked how they got there.
Have you asked lately?
I spoke with Paulette Rennie, President of Valley First she commented…”I truly enjoyed Bob’s presentation and his philosophy on execution is in my view precise and logical for any business leader. This is how he summed it up for me.”
Creating a Vision for your company is vital and to ensure you have strategies and objectives set to create your business plan are key factors. However, it’s all about execution. Having an engaged workforce who can clearly articulate the goals of your company and understand their roles and what they are accountable and rewarded for will be the fundamental elements to your success.

Prosen believes your customers can be placed into two categories. Those (approx. 75%) that buy because they have a problem that needs addressing and those that have a real need. In theory if you can solve your customer’s problem(s), which will build trust and credibility with them and make it more likely they’ll return to do more business. You shouldn’t be worried about the possibility of lost sales in this case, you are building for the long term. One such step to achieve this is through content marketing, where you supply your customer with practical information to solving their issues but carries no price tag with it. “Content” marketing is the future, it may also include your clients’ lifestyle needs (tips for getting out of a sand bunker anyone?). It is all about rapport. One such content company is Media Cooler Inc. headquartered in Kelowna. They house a library of topics to choose from written by qualified journalists from across North America. Simply packaging this information along with your recommendations is an effective way of getting in front of your client and building trust.
Evaluate your effectiveness in customer loyalty.
Do you have a loyal customer base?
Do you know what to do to maintain loyalty?
If not, what are your plans to ensure they only buy from you and how will you measure your success?
Tip: One measuring stick is how many testimonials you have.

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